Background from Project Interlude

I’m not part of the Project Interlude team, but I thought it would be fun to animate their storyboard. Here’s my rendition of the first scene’s background:

Project Interlude is here:

Is there a way to quickly duplicate and place exported canvases? The trees in the background, for example.

Very beautiful vision of the first image of their storyboard! I love the color scheme quite a lot!

Sure!. Just add a new Paste Canvas Layer (New Layer->Other), once selected, go to its parameters panel and select the canvas parameter, edit it by clicking and select the exported canvas from the drop down list. Once done that you can change the Origin of the Paste Canvas layer as well as its zoom amount, etc. Later you can use the Stretch Layer to have left to right mirrored version of the paste canvas.

Thanks for share the link to the project. Very interesting!

Thanks for all your help, Genete! I’m actually on the Interlude crew now :slight_smile:. I’m certain I would not have made it without your assistance. Here are some more backgrounds from the project (they’re all licensed under CC-BY-SA-NC, the same as the license the full episode will have).
Really, the only spoilers here are the backgrounds. No characters have been placed in the scenes yet.

As I mentioned before, the color scheme is great for my taste.
Also I like the way that the snow has been achieved. Is is simple but have volume. Great synthesis!

:slight_smile: Thanks. Your tips and assistance from the other forum are greatly appreciated, and I doubt I’d be on the team of Interlude if you had not helped. I’ll also provide some sifz files here as a token of my appreciation. (CC-BY-SA-NC, as is required by the storyboard’s license…)
Intro07.sifz (22.2 KB)
Intro06_recolor.sifz (30 KB)
Scene1_recolor.sifz (44.4 KB)
pony.sifz (22 KB)

Wow~ I really love the style ! can’t wait to see the final product.

lol, i hope I’m not breaking the crew rules by posting those here…

Since we still don’t having a repository for user contributions it is ok to post them here.