Back to the basics

In this thread I hopefully will follow the walk cycles examples from the Animator Survival Kit.
I’ve started with the simpler standard one:


I’ll be happy to read your comments and your attempts :smiley:

Walk1.sifz (102 KB)

Looks good!
Now to the critique;
the timing is quite good but I feel it’s too even in up/down movement. What happens in a walk is that you put your weight on one foot, takes a step, moves the body weight forward in which it starts to fall. If you don’t put forward the next foot you’ll fall over. So the forward/down movement of body weight should be faster than up.

Otherwise; thumbs up.

Great advise!
to correct that, what would you do? move the keyframes (space the ups) or change the poses?


Change poses. Now your arch is that the highest position is in the middle, you can add a new pose between that and contact position that pushes a bit further into pose, stretch back leg and push weight/upper body forward.

Here’s some very, very rough thumbs to illustrate:

I’ve made some variations. Do they work better?


Yeah, funky!
A little pause at the cycle point, otherwise top notch!

Is it me, or is the figure moving its upper body (chest, shoulders) backward when it should be moving forwards? When lifting your leg, your chest moves forward, right?


It is intentional. I want to have a snooping walk cycle where the character advance the leg but delay the body because it can be scared or something. It is just a variation, something to make the walk funny and not boring/serious.