.AVI file not rendering properly

There is a glitch. Every time I make a video, a clip gets cut off!

What do you mean cut off

Have you tried rendering from the command line?

I render to AVI via the Windows PowerShell ISE, and have had to (occasionally) explicitly control the duration for some of my animations (see code below).

This approach works very well for nearly all of my sifz files, with the added benefit of being able to open additional PowerShell ISE tabs or windows to render multiple files simultaneously.

The last 2 parameters are optional, integer values (frame numbers) ‘start-time’ and ‘end-time’.

Sorry, I don’t see a way to properly format this as a code block from a mobile browser window…

PowerShell code:

Set-Location ‘C:\Program Files\Synfig\bin’

$srcFile = ‘path to sifz\file.sifz’

$destFile = ‘desired output path\avi filename.avi’

.\synfig.exe -i $srcFile -o $destFile -w 1920 -h 1080 --dpi-x 1200 --dpi-y 1200 -T 32 -a 1 --video-codec libx264-lossless --video-bitrate 6000 --start-time 0 --end-time 1700