Autumn Trees (scenery test)

Hey guys,

I took a break from my lip syncing practice and experimented with some scenery/background composition. Remember my old animation?

So I decided to make something similar but more complex with the following limitation: no raster textures but make it look like it was a raster animation (e.g. warm colors, blurs). So I did a quick test you can check out here:

It was pretty easy to make but VERY hard to render. Rendering process took the whole week. I threw in this so many blurs, distortions and noise gradients that Synfig can barely handle this at 640x480. Not sure if I completely satisfied with the result, but seems to look OK.
AutumnTree-FULL-RES.sif (993.8 KB)

If you are really curious about how long it would have taken on a big machine made for rendering, send me a ZIP link

that I test this, I have 8 processors, with hyperthreading I have 16 processors, 8GB graphics card, and 32GB of ram

if it’s really too long, I’ll let it run for two hours to see

Well you could try rendering it but, and this is a BIG but, you won’t be able to open it in the latest version of Synfig (currently 1.3.11?) because new render doesn’t yet have all features ported from the old engine. On my system it eats all available memory and crashes. And if you try to work with it in 1.0.2 version you won’t be able to use all of your cores because old render is single-threaded.

Although, this animation would actually make a good test subject for render performance tests but not today.
Anyway, I’ve attached the source to the original post for the bravest souls who want to work on it to make it at least open in newer versions.

excellent autumn trees animation. also the the animation with flowers. i kept waiting for the flowers to close when the sun set. LOL

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Thank you!
This was just a quick test so, yeah, I didn’t put much effort and details in it.
I have a much more complex scenery test in my mind though, where fox is walking through the woods with her cub and camera slowly follows them but I don’t have required skills for that right now…

I’ll try the rendering, when I have time in a few days, now I’m busy.
I’ll keep you informed.

Well, the first machine the old one with version 1.0.2 managed to open, but just to display it in the canvas
my big machine, they are versions higher than 1.2.x and it really doesn’t manage to open it, I had error windows
and I left the machine running for 20 minutes, but it doesn’t display anything.

So after if I can give my opinion, I also made animations with long rendering, I just corrected it with “layers.png”
and I kept the stuff that was supposed to twist into a vector or text that was supposed to be more dynamic, I saved 10 times more time.

So if I can say it’s that you have to do the backgrounds and landscapes in JPG or PNG at the back, the blurred ones too etc…
and keep things dynamic like a text that will change or a color that will change.