Automatic code documentation, diagrams !

Hello, doxygen is doing, thrue genete manual intervention (?), a great job exposing some synfig recipies… … archy.html
(updated on 24th of july)

(1) walking threw other doxygen site i have found the inkscape doxygen result very interesting … … _impl.html

is it possible to configure something on doxygen to have this kind of diagrams for synfig code ?

(2) seems to doens’t expose private member things… could be useful, and not violating privacy :wink: to expose that also .

few minutes later EDIT : My “dreams” … on 0.62 code

I wonder why is it not updated to 0.64.0.
It is very useful!

Not me! It is automatic. We just add comments to the classes and functions but doxygen gathers it automatically.

maybe will come one day… cause on a linked site they propose 0.64 sources…

Is it possible to do something on the “automatic” generation to reach sourcecodebrowser result ?

You can try to tune doxygen configuration options. Take a look at the autobuild/ file in the source tree of Synfig - … ild/
This file is responsible for automatic generation of API docs. You can use it to generate the API docs locally at your PC. I often use that trick when I’m out of Internet connection. :slight_smile: … (idem synfig-studio …)

[i]# If the CALL_GRAPH and HAVE_DOT tags are set to YES then doxygen will

generate a call dependency graph for every global function or class method.

Note that enabling this option will significantly increase the time of a run.

So in most cases it will be better to enable call graphs for selected

functions only using the \callgraph command.


What do you think about time of run, is it tuxfamilly server compliant ? did i send a commit ?
Or maybe it’s better when select functions “manually” …

[i]# If the EXTRACT_PRIVATE tag is set to YES all private members of a class

will be included in the documentation.


And also what do you think to display Private members ?

I am afraid this will slowdown tuxfamily server (which we share with other projects).
Anyway, if we will migrate our API script to my personal server, then we can play with the options and monitor CPU usage. Though, I can’t give any promises for now.