August/September '11 Challenge - Favourite movie scene

Everyone has a favourite movie, right? How about recreating that pivotal or memorable scene using Synfig? We’ll try and guess which movie it is :slight_smile:
(Hint - If you want, you can simplify it greatly. It’s amazing how little info you need to name a movie - I’ve been spending too much time on recently)


C’mon people!! Get posting!
Was this too hard a challenge? Do we need something simpler next month?

Here’s my post :slight_smile:

And below in glorious widescreen gif animation vision…


Very good job. I’m trying one, but it’s very difficult for me… Patience… :wink:

Great entry pixelgeek! I specially love the detailed shadows and gradients of the bike.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… YES

I have finally done something simple. Here it is.

Nice one Rafael!

Perfect!! I’m pretty sure I can name that movie. :slight_smile:

We must do something about the native GIF renderer… :frowning: