August '10 - Tracing a photo

Good Grief! It’s already the 5th of August, and this month’s challenge hasn’t been posted yet. As many people are on vacation this month, let’s make it a simple one.
Take an image, trace it in Synfig to make a cartoon version of it. Extra points if we can recognise what it is, double points if it moves :slight_smile:


A crane walking along the ancient Nil river has been traced 4000 years ago… and today again!

Glyphs - traced bird brought to life

Music and sounds by the community: nicStage, acclivity, aguasonic, spiderjerusalem, aarongnp.
Original picture by PocketAces -

Any comment is welcome.
Source file attached for inspiration. Free to reuse under CC-by-sa-nc.
glyphs.sifz (36 KB)

Very nice!


Very nice and funny. Congratulations.

Because you said “recognize”, I tried a portrait.
For it’ is not difficult to recognize, I chose a very famous :wink:
He moves little, just smile.
It is not really good, but it’s the best I can.
obama.sifz (39.7 KB)

I even knew who was without watching the movie! It was specially easy just reading the file name… :open_mouth:
Good work mad0!!

Thank you Genete :slight_smile:
I’m stupid, I forgot you could see the name of the file! :blush:
I can’t change it now, too late…
:laughing: :laughing:

Here’s my entry for this month :


Nice work Berteh, I like your Glyphs, very well done.
Nice entry mad0 too.
zeBigOne-share.sifz (36.3 KB)

Excellent entries this month!
Animtim - He looked soooo familiar but I had to cheat in the end. It would be on the tip of my tongue and then the Gif would cycle and I’d lose it. It would have been a lot easier if you’d included the piano in the picture :wink:


Link doesn’t work. Can you provide another one?

it works for me :slight_smile: … ller-1.jpg

nice one mad0. don’t worry about the filename being visible… the guy’s face (all due respect) is well recognizable :wink: further improvements could involved messing with the “outline width” tool if you want to spend some more time there, but that’s pure cosmetic!

Animtim: your piano player looks machiavelous… don’t know why but reminds me of Ursula. Thanks for the smile though, and congrats on the tracing.


@mad0 & Animtim: congratulations, very good works.