arm behind the body instead of ahead

Hi, I need to know, in a skeleton, how do I move the arm behind the body instead of ahead

You don’t need to move the skeleton bones but the shapes. Use Z-Depth parameter of the layers.

Genete, thank you very much

Genete, thank you very much for your answer, I’m sorry, I’ve been playing anyway I could think with Z-Depth but I can not move the skeleton arm in front of the body. Could you suggest any other clue. I am working with version 1.0.2 for Mac.


Make a duplicate of the arm that is behind the body and bind it to the same bone as the original arm, but place the shape of the duplicated arm above the body in the layerspanel. Let the alpha channel of both layers that contain the arms determine in the timeline the visibility of each arm.

Into one of the skeleton (deformation or bones…) video of the official synfig yt channel you will found that … but sorry i don’t remember exactly with video is it.

In Synfig, the skeleton layer (not the skeleton deformation layer) works like an indirect puppeter. It means that the layers/shapes that are moved by the skeleton doesn’t need to be closed or related to the skeleton layer. Skeleton layer can be placed on top of everything or at bottom of everything and it would continue moving shapes that are deep inside groups or unordered.
So if you want to change the relative position of two layers just use z-depth parameter (try it before use skeleton layer on them) or simply use the visibility of duplicated layers behind and over the target as darkspace mentioned.

Thank you very much darkspace65, that helps me continue investigating :wink:

Than you very much Genete. You explained it very nice and help me understand it. :smiley:

I belive you a referring to this one: Skeleton image distortion
At 2:20 he begins talking about Z-Order (‘zed-order’). Correct me if I am wrong, but it is now Z-depth. Right?

yep , exactly.

right !