Are there: (key)Frame only layers? [and other questions from a newbie]

Sort of long-time vector artist, new-time Synfig Artist.
I have a few questions about the program and layers/

Is there a way to make layers that only appear on certain keyframes and not all of them?

Also, is there a way to download a folder of layers and reupload it to another Synfig project?
Specifically, I want to take one group layer from one frame of art from one project, and upload it onto another project.

Are these possible features or something I would need to suggest?
(Also, is the Feature Discussion forum a good place to suggest features? :stuck_out_tongue:)

and welcome to the forum.

Each layer has an amount parameter in the parameters panel which can be used to change the visibility over time using waypoints.

Synfig users have been craving for ages for a decent library system. Best thing you can do for now is open a file that contains the items that you want to reuse and copy and paste them in a new file.

Is there ice on the North Pole? Lol… :laughing:

I have a set of characters set up in different files. I use Synfig Stage to combine them into a new file - I set some up a new file this weekend. I had animated a bunch of characters and needed to add more characters into the shot so i added them in Synfig Stage to a new file which preserved the original animation

its available here for free here - I will upload some usage videos at some point

Any news on the progress of the windows version?

sorry for the delay! real life got in the way.

the software is written in Python so it should be cross platform - I use mainly linux at home. next week i can try running it on on a windows machine. I really need to put video together showing how I use it :smiley: