Arden - Promo Ready with files here!

Hi folks! The promo video and the files! If any suggestions…tell me!

The final video:

The files are attached.
animation_files.tar.gz (1.26 MB)

Hi Ricardo,
I can’t open the file. It is great that you share the sources but maybe the file is to big for a forum attachment. Can you upload in other place to discharge the website load?

Waiting to see the video now encoding.

Ok Genete, I’ll post in my site and post the link here, sorry!

The link to the .tar.gz file:

Try and tell me, ok?

It looks fantastic!!
Keep it up! Great design, timing and interesting idea!

Nice one…
was there meant to be sound?

Thanks! The final video has sound: You can watch it here:

The kdenlive file ( 0.8 ) with the edition, is within the files for download.


Looks good…
Good luck whith the project.