April Challenge - Nursery Rhymes

Give us your best nursery rhyme illustration. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can even animate it.

Here’s some inspiration if you’ve forgotten all your nursery rhymes :slight_smile:


Don’t be afraid to share ones specific to your location - foreign language ones will work just as well.

One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth…
I never heard an end to that rhyme that I liked.

Yeah, it’s just a still. I’m still scared of those waypoints…
one for sorrow.png

Hey, great magpie evilkillerfiggin, this is one of the best use of width nodes I’ve see so far :slight_smile:

Ok, so before I completely forgot to post it, here’s my still “cute” and dumb elephant

And the VIDEO here,
And the SOURCE luke.

And the rhyme used:
mamalisa.com/?t=ef&p=317&c=50 (althought the correct translation should be more like “an elephant was swinging on the web of a spider” than “an elephant stood on the web of a spider” but I guess it was a too long sentence for the song)

Went and did another one.
big scary rats.png

OK, here is my (partial) entry:


And this is a still of the WIP mouse:

It doesn’t mean I’ll give up. Only that will be finished in other moment. :slight_smile:
AprilChallenge.zip (449 KB)

OK. It’s late. So sue me!


I made an animation of the alphabet song…kind of a nursery rhyme…and late


you know, there’s this ancient Mexica (not Mexican, Mexica [Me-shi-ca] were the first population in the latin american region later known as ‘New Spain’ and even later, known as Mexico) emperor who was devoted to the poetry, King “Nezahualcoyotl” who wrote one of the most very known poems in the history of Latin America, it goes something like this:

Amo el canto del Zenzontle
Pájaro de cuatrocientas voces
Amo el color del Jade
Y el enervante perfume de las flores
Pero amo más a mi hermano el hombre

It’s quite complex writing it as rhyme on english, but the literal translation would be also like this

I Love the sing of the Zenzontle
bird of four hundred voices
I love the color of the Jade
and the flowers is nerve-racking scent
but i love more more my brother, the men
(or mankind, man, humanity)

i don’t know if this can be taken as a Nursery Rhyme, but it would be cool, maybe i can give myself a break of the icons (which are quite tricky to do as i want them to be perfect for dark and clear themes alike) since i have no good voice for rhymes and i’m a very shy lass XD (though sometimes i’m quite louder than i should be jiji) i’ll look for it already recorded, if not, well, captions are good means anyway.


I’ve made another Nursery Rhyme video…This time for Baa baa black sheep

youtube.com/watch?v=74XZdUt2 … re=channel

website to follow soon


Hope you like it


Great stuff - My kids were mesmerized!

Hi, H13N.H3N. This attached file is for you. :wink:

@ pixelgeek: Can we post in an ended challenge? :question:
poema Mexica.mp3.zip (323 KB)

Post in an ended challenge? Nooo! it is totally forbiden!!! My God! That’s against the rules!!!

Muy bueno :mrgreen:

A bit late but it’s April isn’t it? lol :smiley: So I 'd like to share one of my nursery rhymes :wink:


Feel free to comment on my video

Very cute. I like the spider a lot and also the teenie weenie red bug that crawls from right to left. Sometimes bad color choice regarding the text (like gray text over gray pipe for instance).

Oh thanks a lot …I take all observations on board and will do my best to improve…You know I’ve never learnt animation at school or college so forum members like yourself are my teachers :slight_smile: and I’m really grateful for that…


Hey very nice. I lost into my childhood.
My children are also learning in day care centers in Dubai.
Find one more rhymes here…
A Scottish Nursery Rhyme
A wee man cam ower the heathery hill
Chappit at the door
Lifted the sneck
Dichted his feet
An walked awa in!
Walk over child’s head (with your fingers!)
Knock on their forehead
Lift their nose up
Draw side of finger across top lip
Put finger in child’s mouth.
Not aware of a tune for this one but you could make one up or get them to!


Teaching nursery rhyme to your preschooler can be a fun and exciting parenting experience. Here are some tips which will help you to enjoy teaching nursery rhyme to your little bundle of joy.

Sketching Pictures, Be Patient When you Teach the Kid to Read, Use the Rhythm Along With the Language,
Use Memory Skills, Use Instruments :astonished: