Applying region

I want to apply a region created by 3 splines.

I select the 3 splines and the region layer and click link on the vertices but creates the region for only one spline.

Is it possible to “fill the area” created with multiple splines?


Not possible to do it automatically.
You have to link each vertex one by one. Linking the list would just link the region to one spline, not to the three. you need to create a region with enough vertexes to link to the three splines at the same time and link each vertex one by one.

I think I have a similar need. But, it is also possible there may be an other approach for my purposes, and my lack of familiarity with Synfig leaves me unsure.

In another thread I mentioned wanting to create a laser animation simulation. In this case, it is very helpful to have the drawing happen in a continuous line. The approach I am taking is to create a closed spline, and have a laser “dot” follow the spline, and leave a trail by use of motion blur. The spline I have been using is almost like you were forming a rubber-band into shapes. of course, I would prefer to make use of all the other great features for animation, such as bones.

But, the bones examples I have seen show different objects, each with their own outline. E.g. the hand, forearm, and upper arm, each have their own outlines.This was from a Youtube tutorail, (see attached image Bones Example 1)

But, I would prefer that there only be one outline for the entire arm. Is there any way to do this? Another bones tutorial shows what seems to be a way to distort a single spline profile. Is that correct? Here is an example of that method (see attached image Bones Example 2) ;

Of course, in my case, I really want a spline that is “shrink wrapped” around my objects. I realize I still need to add additional elements, such as details of the face, but I wonder how to get that main outline. I have seen this on many cartoons, so I imagine that is a common task. Is this possible in Synfig? Should I perhaps use the Example 2 version above?

Bones Example 1.PNG
Bones Example 2.PNG

Well, it depends on the complexity of the shape. In some cases it is not possible to do so unless you pass twice over the same place with the Spline (remember those child games where you need to create a figure without raise the pencil from the paper?)

For your case (laser show) you can also link the moving dot radius to the width of the spline, so it could become invisible in some parts if you previously have modified the width of the spline to zero where you want.

Also, you can have more than one dot moving along the spline or many dots moving along many splines, so the laser effect is not limited to a single spline but all them together.


I don’t like to retrace the same thing twice so I usually do it this way when I want an outline for a whole object. Just move all the region layers above the outline layers and double (or whatever number you choose) the outline thickness.

Thank you for the suggestion, Darkspace. But, in my case, I do need an actual continuous outline because I am simulating a laser that is drawing an animation. I think bones are the only way to do that.