APNG integration with apngasm

Hello everybody, I’m Rei Kagetsuki from the apngasm project
kickstarter.com/projects/37 … -standardi

We made a small animation editor (with basically no features other than assembling PNG files to APNG) but it’s proving to be a pain to packge and distribute. I’d rather see APNG incorporated into Synfig and just direct everyone to that. Looking at your sources on github I’m assuming integrating apngasm with libapng should be fairly trivial. I also noted the indiegogo campaign. How about we propose integration as part of the indiegogo campaign, I’ll pitch in $200 and post an update on the apngasm KickStarter to try and get some more attention.

What does everyone think?


very interesting !

kick off those crackbrained kitten animated gif is a good project.
ohhh dear … i see apng menacing tiny cat emerging …

Great!! I wouldn’t have to use gif2apng.