Anything for Ubuntu INSTEAD of Papagayo?

I am running Ubuntu GnuLinux via crouton. No matter what I try, I can not get Papagayo to do squat. Yes - I know many people sing that program’s praise - but the only things it has ever done for me is (1) crash (2) fail to start altogether (3) otherwise be incapable of doing squat.

And I’ve gone to great lengths to try to get it to work. The native GnuLinux version wouldn’t start – even if I went and installed what it was complaining about not-having.

Then I tried using WINE to run the Windows version. I got farther this time – in that the program actually started. But it crashed when I attempted to actually ::gasp:: open a WAV file.

After all this, I am sick of Papagayo - and if I never hear people sing its UNDESERVED praises again, it will be too soon. What I now need is something to use INSTEAD of it on my Ubuntu system.

Any ideas or suggestions?