Anyone using Synfig for Rotoscoping? Can it be done?

Hi there,

For anyone who doesn’t know, rotoscoping is essentially animating curves that create a mask for (usually) live action film. Given that Synfig is a tool for animating curves and shapes over time, it seems that it could be the perfect tool for the job. I’m just wondering

  1. If anyone’s tried this, and if so how it went.
  2. If it’s possible to import a video file into the background in synfig to be able to trace over.
  3. If it’s possible to blur different sections of an object different amounts (for example where a persons silhouette has one arm out of focus and another in focus).



The best way is to import the video as a image sequence. You can obtain a image sequence from a video using some of the tricks form this page. To import a video sequence see this wiki page.

Not possible at the moment. I started to code a gradient blur layer but I went in the wrong direction. You have to do it using masks (duplicate the footage, blur the top one and mask it with a feathered region onto the duplicated footage). See this thread. is also an example of rotoscoping done in Synfig. It was a video file converted into a list of pngs and imported. There is the capability now to import video, but it’s not quite as responsive as working with pngs.


I’ve also seen that video, but I’m wondering (as an extreme newbie) how to do it. The boards here are quite expansive, and I haven’t quite found a tutorial for it just yet. Thank you all for your time.