Anyone know where the focusing mechanism is for buttons?

I’m in the middle of a bug-fix process that has to do with the focus mechanism for buttons. thought asking might save some time if anyone answers before I find it.

The focus is managed by the Gtk/gtkmm itself.
What are you trying to do exactly?

Every Gtk widget has methods or properties like can-focus, has_focus, is_focus, has_visible_focus, focus_on_click, grab_focus (gtkmm: Gtk::Widget Class Reference).

In addition, we still have get/set_focus_chain for Containers in Gtk/gtkmm3.

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Yes, my bad I probably misdescribed it. My question is about if synfig has any custom things done already for button focus , and if so where they are for tool-buttons to be specific. Also what I’m trying to do is in a very basic way try to implement an if statement type thing where in the condition that a button is inactive then that button can not grab focus.

edit: thanks I believe I have sucessfully done what I needed finally xd.