Anyone know how to toggle animate mode as a hotkey?

Hey I looked around and I don’t think this has been asked. So I just figured out how to edit the hotkey file and change hotkeys (Excited!) But - the one thing i really would love a hotkey for but can’t find a name for in the document is the actual Animate Edit Mode toggle on/off button. Is it somewhere in the hotkey document just under a name I’m not finding? Or does it have some sort of “name” so I can create one? Sorry not a coder so I probably am not using the right jargon.

To be clear I’m in that “accelrc” document that starts like this:
; synfigstudio GtkAccelMap rc-file -- scheme --
; this file is an automated accelerator map dump
; (gtk_accel_path “/actions/panel-canvases” “”)
; (gtk_accel_path “/canvasview/mask-vertex-ducks” “2”)
; (gtk_accel_path “/menus/menu-canvas” “”)
; (gtk_accel_path “/actions/panel-tool_options” “”)
; (gtk_accel_path “/canvasview/select-all-ducks” “a”)


Anyway thank you for any advice on how to hotkey the animate mode toggle.


This could be posted on Synfig GitHub repo as a feature request.

To answer your question I don’t think there is a hotkey to toggle on/off animate mode. I’ve been doing it with mouse click.

@ice0 Do you want me to open a new feature request for this?

Not to forget that toggling “Animation Mode” has to be done wisely or you can mess you animation.
Using a shortcut key may prevent to be careful.
I think this was never implemented “by design” (but why not)

Hey thank you both for the replies and sorry for the delay! @Keyikedalube if you would be willing to put in a feature request on this I would be grateful! Otherwise if I should go learn how to figure that out myself happy to try as well :slight_smile: And yes @BobSynfig I know all too well what can happen when toggled incorrectly! but at this point after animating synfig pretty regularly for a few years, I personally feel it would be actually a better sense of control and easier to remember than clicking a button. At least to make it one of those actions in the hotkey sheet like I described so that people like me could go in and customize it to be a hotkey if they so chose would be awesome.

@BobSynfig nice argument… We have that red border to indicate animate on/off

@bbrizzy89 can you give suggest a shortcut key to toggle on/off?

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Sure! One idea I pictured was something with the space bar, like Control+SPACE? If for some reason space bar is difficult, Control+M seems to be free. Thanks!

Issue opened here :point_right:

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Control+SPACE sounds cool and fitting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! Now implementers know what’s next. Have a great day!

Feature’s already implemented and merged (recently) :slight_smile:

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So cool! Thank you! Pardon my ignorance: I can’t access a version with this feature now right? I basically wait until a new development version is available at some point down the road to have this feature? Thanks for clarifying and either way it’s so cool to be a part of the development of synfig!

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You can try it by following this:

@ice0 maybe port it to 1.4.1?

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Sure. Added it to the backport list.

Hey @ice0 , @rodolforg or others - I just downloaded Synfig 1.4.1. Is this supposed to have this new hotkey in it? I haven’t gotten it to work yet. I also sadly wasn’t skilled enough to follow the prior instructions to test it out in github - seems like the format/UI of the github pages did not match the tutorials?

Thanks for any advice on if this animate mode hotkey is now available to me as a user or not - Excited to use it!

To avoid a new round of tests, it was pushed to 1.4.2.

But the next release won’t probably delay too much :slight_smile:

Hah okay no worries - thanks!

Note that you can still download the source and compile it yourself to benefit of the last features :wink:

Thank you but I struggled to do from github before - the link from rodolforg above did not end up matching what I was seeing when I went to github so I couldnt figure it out…any more updated/clear step by step instructions out there for me to learn how to do this? No worries if not. Thank you!

The link you mentioned was for PR yet to be merged I think. I checked it out today and there were no options to download the test build

But if you want to really try the new hotkey feature BobSynfig’s suggestion is the best way:

You can choose either Autotools or CMake after preparing environment.

Due to storage limits of Appveyor, the automatic build for Windows on every PR was disabled. :confused:

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