Anyone (apart from pabs) tried build 2377 yet?

I’m having problems - I’m getting ‘no rule to make package’ - no rule to make etl_profile.h - needed by all-am.
but I see a line in ETL/ETL/ that references etl_profile.h…

Thoughts anyone?


I’ll run my standard build script this evening and leave here the results.

Can you post the full build log?

Same problem here… (on Debian 5)


Did you regenerate the autotools stuff? Just running autoreconf should be enough.

I’ve done the following:

For ETL:

svn co etl cd etl autoreconf --install --force ./configure sudo make install cd ..

and get this result:

For synfig-core:

svn co synfig-core sed -i 's/^AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS/# AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS/' synfig-core/ cd synfig-core libtoolize --ltdl --copy --force autoreconf --install --force ./configure make -j8 sudo make install -j8 cd ..

NOTE: the sed command is to solve the problem with libltdl in Ubuntu.
and get this result.

It has a lot of warnings ad finally it doesn’t compile.

Are your errors similar?

Doing the same but with the previous commit (2376) I have those results:

For etl:

For synfig-core:

It builds perfectly in the previous version.


I don’t get genete’s error, but it should be fixable by changing #include “etl_profile.h” to #include <etl_profile.h> in ETL/etl_config.h.

For me, ETL already fails…

ETL$ make install Making install in ETL make[1]: Entering directory `/home/gerco/src/synfig-clean/ETL/ETL' make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/etl_profile.h', needed by `all-am'. Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/gerco/src/synfig-clean/ETL/ETL' make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1


Could you attach your ETL/Makefile, ETL/ files?

It appears the $(builddir) is undefined…



I see the same error as Gerco.

Ah, automake 1.9. What happens if you change $(builddir)/etl_profile.h to etl_profile.h?

I have automake 1.8 (I think). I tweaked the in the ETL/ETL dir to delete the $(builddir) and things seem to be much happier.

Edit: Yay! 2377 successfully built! Can you submit that change pabs?

I had same problem building synfig-core like genete.

Changing #include “etl_profile.h” to #include <etl_profile.h> in ETL/etl_config.h helped. Thanks!

I think that first has to be solved the windows build and then see if the modifications for windows build allows build to the rest.
Pixelgeek, can you submit a patch of what you did to successfully build?. Please use review board.
Others can apply it and see if it is solved or need more modifications.

Well - it’s kind of at
I can’t get the path to work correctly so that the diff works properly.
Just in case you can’t understand what I did, I paste it here too…

[code]Index: ETL/

— ETL/ (revision 2377)
+++ ETL/ (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@

etlconfigdir = $(libdir)/ETL/include

-etlconfig_DATA = $(builddir)/etl_profile.h
+etlconfig_DATA = etl_profile.h

etldir = $(includedir)/ETL


Pushed both of the patches into the SVN repository.

I can compile again!