Any way to animate UVs in Blender GE?

I looked around in Blender Wiki and third party pages of tutorials but yet haven’t find a way to animate the UV’s as such, i’m making a little game project trying to mimic some famous game of the N64 and i can’t do the UVs move for the water texture, plus, i added a tank for no reason and it would be handy to have it tracks moving, alternatively i was thinking in use png sequences for both, but i want to see if at least is possible for the water move in X direction (simulating the flow of a river for example)

Does this tutorial help at all? … th-offset/

I used the technique for something I did a while back, but I don’t know if it’ll work in your case.


You can’t animate uv’s directly. You need to animate the texture offset as described in the above tutorial. For water you will need an animated texture (at least for waves). Alternatively you can write a shader and assign it with python to the object. So you can have procedural texture also inside the game engine. But so far i can remember it was an ugly hack. Another alternative would be the material nodesystem, but i don’t know if texture nodes are also available in the game engine.

Yes! it was very illustrative, so it was called offset at the end, being honest, the animation inside in Blender is very intimidating, i use Blender for modeling rater than for animating and some of the panels are very confusing or at least don’t make me to much logic, i definitely have to try this tutorial.


Writing a shader! D=! i can’t still tame the node editor for materials XD! i don’t know at all the limits of the GE with textures or animations, i’m a starter with everything that has to do with animation inside Blender, while i have no problems modeling or constructing models, i’m a total noob with the animation system! =(