Anthony Adonys Ramos (new)

What’s up everybody:), As you can see I’m new here, I don’t necessarily want to create animation as a career, more as of a stepping stone to bigger and greater things filmwise. I’m 20, I’m from the Orlando area if anyone wants to hit me up :slight_smile: for animation. Currently I’m working on an animation having to do with animation, some of my animation is probably going to be based on a youtube channel called Swoozie, Explosm entertainment, I hate everything, and whack your boss (videogame), sort of that style. Hopefully, you peeps will enjoy. :smiley:

Hi Anthony and welcome here …

Funny vidz you do…keep going on :wink:

In order to learn synfig i recommend you check the step by step tutorial from the wiki documentation … then you can found more specialized texts and videos tutorials here and there. Also this forum is a huge tips and trick source …


Thanks d.jay, I’ll go check it out, I appreciate all the help I can get :smiley: