Anime Girl Tracing

Hi guys .
Here i am going to trace a anime girl with synfig .as a mater of fact this days i am so busy with my universities stuff so i work on it lately . i hope u like my work and for sure ur feedback will help me to improve my job.

anime girl.sifz (24.6 KB)

Hi Ichigo, I love the look of that character but I think it would be better to see the original image you’re tracing to evaluate your work properly.

Nice work and keep it up!

there it is

i got a question ,is there any way to select an area and then fill it with gradient color (for this propose i use masking layer but i dont think that is a good way)

Yes, in Synfig, everything is applied via masking operation (or blending operation). Onto blend mode is the simplest way to apply a gradient over a certain region.
See this tutorial for further details:
and this page for what does each blend method do:

A good challenge to trace that image!

Looks great, love it.