animation short

:mrgreen:" Aepyornis Island" is a short story by H.G. Wells I’ll like to turn to a short animation. I collected lots of reference pics and videos. Now working on the characters then the audio. afterwords Synfig and other animation mix in.long project but should be fun.

good luck with it!

I usually find interesting audio material at

Thank you, I just register for it looks like it will help me save time. It’s to bad there isn’t a library of Synfig objects to use in animation.
You can covert the SVGS to sif. … y-by-dordy
Click view image it will take you to this
Do file save page as and your done.
Then you have to convert it.Install SIF exporter extension for Inkscape and then convert.

Thank you. is good to know I don’t have to make everything in the animation. I’m not sure if I’ll make the main character in stop motion clay. or Pencil with some synfig mix in.this is my latest test. is short but I learn as I go.

The background photos, bothered me, try to do everything in drawing

short test with green-screen inkscape and fotosketcher.

Time loop test.

Latest clip