Animation school project

I’m new to this 2d graphic and animation things and a classmate and me, we want to create a short animation with Synfig.
So far we made the characters, which should get an overwork for adding details and shadows (a horrible topic for me), developed a short story and already recorded our voices for it.
Another group creates a landscape in the seize of modelmaking for adding our results into it later.
Our story in short: 4 pirates who are conviced of themselves sail months on the lonely sea for finding a big treasure. Suddenly the lookout sees an isle. Afterwards they find the treasure after some searching. Back on the ship, one of the pirates kicks it out of it accidentally and the story ends. Sounds a boring but the whole story is a bit ironical and hopefully funny also. :wink:

I’m looking forward to get some critisism and help of you. :slight_smile:

Here are my two characters and I will ask for the permission to post the two of my schoolmate also.

Good luck with the project!
The characters looking is nice. I just would be sure that all the features are the same style on all the views. The lips of boths seems to look different in the 3/4 and the side view.