Animation questions for a noob

Hi some questions I would like to ask before dloading synfig:

  • Is there a time limit for synfig animations? Im looking to create a 2d cartoon of about 6min lenght
  • How hard is it to create a video that long? (I am not experienced at animation and have only used a mediocre program called “Scratch”.)
  • What are system requirements?

I know these are really stupid questions but please answer.

The limitation is the computer’s memory. 6 minutes is more than possible to produce.

Personally I won’t make a 6 minutes animation in a single file. Although you can do that, it is very difficult to synchronize all the animation with that length. Any small modification at the start of the animation will affect all the rest and maybe you need to tweak a lot the whole animation. Also, It is riskier to handle all in one file.
The normal behavior is to split the animation in scenes and each scene in shots and animate each shot in a separated file. Later using Synfig itself or a video editor, compose the final result in addition of the soundtrack.
Unfortunately Synfig doesn’t handle soundtracks yet.

Any average computer of 3 or less years old will be enough. There is not needed any kind of video card or CPU speed. Anyway, the more the better.
And better Linux or Mac than Windows.

thank you for solving my problems. i recently built a new comp so im pretty sure i can handle synfig. do you know any video editing/ making software i.e windows movie maker?

Here you have a list: … g_software