Animation - Production materials of film


Recent days I have started to search & watch behind the scenes of animation films. And I want more to watch, Can we have this thread for reference index of such links? I’m planning to make 10-20 secs animations first. Then 1 min shorts. So I need these. What I want is just need videos/pages of making of an animated short film from start to finish. From idea to post production.

So please share links of videos which has things like behind the scenes, making of, production materials(concept art, sketches, model sheets), production cuts, etc., It could be 2d or 3d or whatever animation. Short or feature film.

Let me start.

Morevna Project Demo: Quadsplit snapshot
Sintel making of/documentary
Stop motion animated hit ‘Zero’, then go behind the scenes and watch the ‘making of’ special features
Making an Animated Movie - Lift up
The Blog of the movie - The Secret of Kells
The Blog of the movie - Song of the Sea

The best place for all that, at least as far as I’ve found, is It’s Art Mag. :wink: