Animation on Maps

Hi everyone,

I am new to this whole world of animation.
All I want to do (at present) is to make an animated Map with a dot (car) moving on the map and highlighting the traveled route.
So far I have the dot traveling on the road, even unevenly as I as I had to insert Keyframe every time the road turns, I have not been able to highlight the traveled road.
Anyone have an idea


There is an even easier way to do what you want.

For your line, use an Advanced Bline. You can place width ducks anywhere along it you need. Draw your path, then set all your width ducks to 0. Then animate them to expand as the dot moves along.

There is a feature to “link to bline”. Use that to attach your dot to the line. Then in animation mode just move your dot to were you want it to move to, then widen the line behind it. It’s simpler than I’m making it sound. Just play with the advances outline and it will seem clear.

I will try and let you know.