Animation of elements of a group gets lost when group is animated

Hi, I am new to this forum, and I love Synfig!!!
Now I have a question:

I want to draw a ship that is gently swaying and whose sail is moving. Up to this, this works fine. I have put the ship and its mirror on the water into a group. Now I have wanted this group to approach from the horizon, e.g. its size to grow and its location to change. The group with ship does do this, but what is lost, is the swaying and the moves of the sail, e.g. the animation of the elements contained in the group.

Does anybody have a tip? Thanks a lot!

Hi! the animation inside de group should work just fine can you share your project file to try to figure it out what its going on.

And please tell what is your Synfig version and platform (windows, linux, mac).

Hi, thank you very much for your replies! Meanwhile it works, I don’t know what my mistake was, and I want to apologize! Synfig is great

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