Animation made with Synfig Studio

I want to show my gratitude to the whole community that has constructed Synfig studio. This tool is very important for me and in reality I wait in the future doing a big contribution to the project. For this reason I want to share with you this short video that I made, great part of this video is made with Synfig Studio. I wait enjoy it. Thank you very much.


Not even a minute in and I love this! Great storyboarding and stuff as well. Can you give me some beginners tips?

Thank you very much. I am a beginner too. what little I have learned is that it is very important to first make the historyboard before starting to animate and in the case of using Internet resources as images set to be public domain to avoid inconveniences. Although I did not achieve it in this animation, it is very important that all the animations remain as fluid, I mean that the same frames per second are always perceived. Many thanks.

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