Animation looks like pictures instead of a movie


My animation looks like pictures instead of a movie, I know that a movie is built up on a lot pictures ofcourse.
To begin with i thought that the fps was low, but then i adjusted it from 24.0000 fps to 60.0000 and there was no changes.
I would really like some help to make my animation look smooth and nice.

I made a very short animation (a man who was moving his head) and that was smooth.
But now I have made a larger file (only 21.8 kB though) and it isn’t smooth at all…

please help

ps: I know that I’ve been posting a lot questions lately, but I’ve just started using Synfig, and want to get started good :slight_smile:

Like said here:

You should use the Preview button (the little movie camera button) in order to get the animation to play at full speed.

In this video at 0:45 you can see the Preview button being used:

Making lots of questions is Ok.

But please try to be more careful not to post duplicated topics, or to ask the same question several times. Be patient, this forum is not very active so you’ll need to wait a bit to get your questions answered.

Thanks a lot for your reply, it helped me a lot!

About the duplicated posts.
I wanted to post one and suddenly there was three, I really have no clue have they came.
I also posted the post you answered on, and that might seem very familiar with the other post i made, but the reasson i made it was because i dont think that i had explained my issue probably.

Last about the inactive forum thing.
I think that it is a great forum, I’ve posted 3 posts, and I had replies after just a couple of hours on them all. Maybe I was just lucky, but I’m satisfied :wink: