Animation gif with music mp3

I have made a example same as seen your example under YouTube.
Import the mp3 and try my example with animation test ok! musik and animation ok.
But I think there is more to do the video finished without information how to export.
Export as gif no music because I think I must build a mp4 file.
But how to do? My project has include the mp3 file ready with position of start and end the MP3.
So there must be a way to convert this project to MP4. I think. There is no description to find.
I have tried one but then comes the error that the codec is not supported.
Ok I can use the way of a provided software to mix my a animated gif and the mp3file to build MP4.
But by this way the import of mp3 in the synfig project was for nothing!

Well, it seems you already know GIF file is exclusively an image format, it does not support audio.

As far as I can tell, the only target/exporter with audio support in Synfig is FFMPEG, but it isn’t currently available in stable version: it’ll be in 1.4.1 (It was ‘recently’ implemented by the project leader Konstantin, on Aug’ 18).

The current audio support is just for listening and seeing audio graphics for syncing only.

hello rodolforg
thanks for your information , so i know i have no longer to search
i have tried the way by FFMPEG
ffmpeg-4.3.1-2020-11-08-full_build.7z and this files integrated
to the files from


ffmpeg -i AnimationNr8MP3.gif -i BurninStar.mp3 -c:a copy Nummer8MP3.mp4

ffmpeg version Copyright © 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers…

built with gcc 10.2.0 (Rev3, Built by MSYS2 project)
With this way it was ok - after building the mp4 file I have used Avidemux to cut from the end of mp4 a litte.
best regards Wolfgang


I think this can help: [SOLVED] Windows builds require ffmpeg installation for animation rendering

when i want to render my file whre is inside music . and i choose ffmpeg as target rendering methode and i have ffmpeg installed in /bin of … programs/synfig
what extend i must use for the file also .ffmpeg ? and then run also ffmpeg for building a mp4 file?

Hi, @copps2020 ! Which version of Synfig you are using?

ping @KonstantinDmitriev

Yes, current stable version of Synfig cannot export video with sound. This feature will be available in next version.

Until then, I recommend this tutorial on exporting from Synfig to video editor -