animation film

What i have to do to be an animation film director? i want to be an animation film director but i don’t know what i have to do for that. i am totally a new guy and a fresher too. i need help and guild line. the main problem with me is i have money problems. so that’s why i don’t able to pay for any courses. please help me out.

Hi yewelara,

Start here: … ourse.html


The usual way is to start small. First you will have to get a job as an assistant (this can be anything, even if you just polish the cameras :wink: ). This way you will get practical experience and insight for that you will even get paid. After that you can visit courses and advance, getting even more knowledge, getting a better position. In parallel you can try to produce your own little works. Advertisement is always a good option, since length and budget is limited. If you are doing good, you can start to do bigger projects.

The other way is to find something out of the ordinary. A genuine idea, or something like that. But this is the very hard way, that most likely will fail.

WOW! :astonished: i’m definitely checking this site now, looks promising