[Animation] Ecce Homo


A debut for three little ghosts talking nonsense. Hope you like them :slight_smile:
I might make more of them.
This is going to sound weird but the series is going to be called Unfinished … i know … it’s in finished works


Excellent :slight_smile:
Simple graphics with a real message, not at all nonsense.
And I like a lot the concept of “controller” :wink:

Edit: French subs are on the way :wink:


Thank you I am glad you liked it. The egg line gets a chuckle out of me when I re-watch it.
The subtitle would be awesome. :grin:


The subs have to be peer reviewed according what has been written last night.
My first subs on Youtube btw :wink:


Ha peer review …I approved it. If anyone complains I’ll send them to you :yum:
The more hilarious thing is it doesn’t tell me who did it …just “Community-contributed”
I wanted to give you the credit. I’ll put your (youtube) next to French if you like.

Thank you