Animation Cleanups?

Often working with various angle-switching motion is tedious in a motion-tween animation software and may sometimes rely on cleaning up problematic lines.

You probably know how Hollywood gets rid of stunt-wires in each shot: they clean up each frame and manually remove them from the film using something like Photoshop or Cinepaint. They never use GIMP because it’s a hell working on thousands of frames when you have to click several times to open, close and compare frames instead of simply pressing “right”.

Of course, I can do this in ToonBoom or Photoshop but I’m hoping to stay clear from proprietary tools for the moment. Anybody here knows which tool I can use for cleaning up my film and/or animation sequences?

Isn’t CinePaint suited for that?

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get Cinepaint installed on Ubuntu. =X
rpm can be installed using alien: