Animating Objects Tutorial - Green Duck on petal

Hi all

I’m currently using synfig 0.63.05 and am working my way through the animating objects tutorial.

I’m at the stage where I have made one petal using the B’line tool. The tutorial then makes reference to a green duck and migrating the other ducks on the petal to its main green duck after selecting ctrl a. This is before you link it to the stem.

Here’s my problem - if I create a petal on a new canvas and not the existing one I’m using for this animation, I can see the object’s green duck. But I can’t see it in the existing document. I’m not in animation mode as per the tutorial and the stem object has its green position duck no problem.

What’s going on?

Or would it be better to restart the tutorial from scratch again?

Thanks in advance…

Ignore above post! Problem solved!


Pleased to see you’r problem is solved…
If the problem you’vv been on was caused by a lack of clarity in the tutorial you where on, please be free to add your touch in it !


Nb: sorry for the bad/easy joke’tus, will try to use it just one time… with you;-)
Documentation / Getting started

LOL! Cheers Djay!

There’s just slight differences with the version of synfig I’m using (0.63.05) and the tutorial screen shots but other than that it was human error on my part :slight_smile:

I might be able to help out with some video tutorials to go on the wiki site as soon as I am more confident with the software.


A massive “special time” on screenshot update (due to newicons and terms coming in next release) is still alive… hope the work done there will rub out the differences you have found.

will be great sure !