Animating multiple objects independently?

I’ve probably just missed how to do this, but I am making an animation with multiple objects moving independently. What I’d like to do is, rather than making a keyframe and putting each object where it should be at that time, I’d like to select an object and create way points for it at the times when it starts to do something different, like running in a different direction.

It sounds like you are asking about general waypoint creation. It is still possible without keyframes. Just click on the little green man at the bottom right corner of the canvas to activate Animate mode. In animate mode, the canvas boarder turns red and waypoints will automatically be added on the active frame whenever you adjust an object or its parameters.

If I’m mistaken then could you post an example file or image to help me understand your question? Thanks

Yep, that’s exactly what I needed! I couldn’t figure out how to add waypoints without a keyframe. Thanks!

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In Graph Panel, you can even create a new waypoint by double-clicking on the curve :slight_smile: