Animating from THIS point onwards !

hi all!

i am a newbie in Synfig but love it alot!

i did a simple, basic animation of a ball hurtling towards three rectangles and knocking them over (like bowling ball knocking over the pins).

there are about 10 frames which i set.

at the end, i wanted to display some simple text like “bye”.

But the problem is the text box is displayed starting with frame 0 !

is it possible or is there some setting so that when i introduce anything new - shape, region, object, text etc - the inserted item is animated/rendered ONLY from that moment onwards and not from the beggining ?

say at last frame, i inputed a text box with the message “BYE” … is there an option to check so that the newly added text box is displayed starting only from the time it was added and not before?

seems kinda like a drudge to have to go back to each individual frame and set the Ammount to 0 in order to hide an item i added at the last frame…


You don’t have to go back to each individual frame. Just go back to frame 0 and change the amount to 0 and the interpolation to constant. Then go the the frame you want the shape to appear and set the interpolation to clamped or whatever and the amount to 100. If you want a fade in then go back a few frames and place another waypoint that starts with the amount of 0 and different interpolation than frame 0.