Animated Weather icons

I’m going to make a set of animated weather icons to be used for free.
This is the first one.
I hope you find them useful.
I’m open to suggestion of color, timing, shape, etc.
cloud-dark-rain.sifz (3.88 KB)

Perhaps a radial gradient for a cloud? A large circle with the cloud at the edge. Drop shaped raindrops?

What do you have in mind for these? Is the an object library or something?


The idea is to have a set of icons that would be the first instance of a Synfig Art categorized repository, for anyone who would like to use in his animations websites or wherever.
I would like to make it good looking when reduce the size so I don’t want to add too much details. The initial idea is to represent a symbol for weather maps.
I’ll try to make some variations later.

awesome idea, We can take it as an animation challenge :mrgreen:
I like to animated icons :slight_smile: and I had idea to build a short animation using all the icons of synfig studio some time ago, but I haven’t got time to make it happen at the moment.