Animated cartoon

Little animation I made based on a drawing by Belgian Cartoonist Lectrr
Original artwork done by Lectrr. Animated in Synfig. The character is vector retrace and rigged with a skeleton layer. The wheel is a jpg and is masked out in Synfig directly from the cartoon.

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This is great and actually this is my first time I am sharing my thought and views about the work I am new here and work as video animator at video animation company I have done a lot of videos and but all of them are promotional and describe the services offered by the website. But now I want to make some different and want to use some different software. @Darkspace_be did you made this animation using Synfig?

@NatashaJenkins Fan of Violet Orlandi?

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Haha yes I am a big fan :slight_smile: just check my dp :stuck_out_tongue: