Animated Bionicle (Lego) Comic

Well, for all those lego/bionicle lovers out there in this forum, I hope you like what I have done with comic #1, The Coming of the Toa, so far. For those who aren’t fans, please watch and enjoy.

And of course, please comment and criticize. It’s up here so you guys can tell me what I should do when making the next scenes.

Here is the link:

If there are any questions about techniques or what not, just look at the attached file.
BionicleComic1Scene1.sifz (203 KB)

It is very nice. Considering how difficult is to create an animation, some timing and pacing mistakes can be accepted.
I wouldn’t abuse on camera trailing unless needed. I would prefer to use frame changes instead.
Please keep it up and continue working on more episodes.

Camera trailing and frame changes? Please explain, for I do not know what you mean by this. I assume you are talking about when I shift to the sun and back to the canister


Uhh, well, what I meant is that I don’t know what the frame changing part is. Did you think I should have just done a slow blend from parts to human, instead of going to the sun and back?

The camera travelling from the capsule (after the cap expulsion) to the sun and then come back is a bit boring in my opinion. A camera change (scene cut) to other point of view would be much more interesting. I imagine that you’re doing this camera travelling for some difficult animation process (transition to bionicle?) or maybe a time pass emulation. In any case camera travelling isn’t my preferred method.

It is just a personal taste, don’t take it so seriously. :smiley:


Actually, because its boring, you’ve just given me an idea. I’ll keep it at the sun, but when it goes to the sun, the title “Bionicle: The Coming of the Toa” will appear, and then disappear, as it goes back to the bionicle build. How does that sound?

Changing the bit of view would be time consuming, and I am a lazy man (my programming side of me) so thus, I didn’t wanna do that. Besides, I’m working on scene 2, which should be better thanks to your input.

And, from your opinion, do you think it moves a little too slowly or not? From the guys on, they feel its a little slow.

Yes, it moves too slow. You might work the feeling of inertia of the objects, the weight of the objects. For example, when the pieces come out from the capsule, the should be spreaded out and bounce according to the material they are done and the ground elasticity. Capsule design should be worked a bit more (some shadows, thiner outlines, etc.)

But as I said at start, animation is a very complex thing, that needs lots of effort and high project preparation. You have done a good job in any case. I wouldn’t make it better within the time I guess you have used to do this one.


Well, I did recognize the “hitting ground and bounce around” factor of the pieces, but as the artist, I get some leeway, right? :laughing:

This was a 3 week, 1st time ever project, so yeah, thanks for the support.

Oh yeah, one more thing. As a viewer, would you prefer a voice to accompany the text? Or would just prefer the text? Or just the voice? I’ll have to do a casting call if enough people want voice in the animation too.

Voice instead of text is always preferred but consider that it has to match the animation feeling (it is not the same a female voice than a strong grave male voice). Soundtrack will improve it a lot and give more drama to the scene.
My first (and only) long animation hasn’t sound or voices and it had text like a children tale book it was.