Animated banner

My ongoing attempt to make a banner in with Synfig.



Ha ha, nice.

Btw, Google+ front page image can be animated too. Although I have added the 0.64.0 splash screen to the front page, it would be great to have a animated gif for the official Synfig G+ page.

Maybe in a future challenge?


with a duck (in a hole… ) ? “The lost duck quest” challenge

hummm even better if possible to use html5/sifplayer somewhere !!! non ?

Amusing and great looking in both design and animation!

With such a wide format I think you give away the punchline way to early, we see the hole right from the start and we see your worker man head straight to it. Perhaps start with a closeup and then go wide as your character dissapear from frame, revealing he hole?

Anyway, great work

Thx all!

Here is a little revision of the banner with a zoom in the beginning. Now I have to fix the wobly hat because it’s drawing to much attention in the close up and perhaps give him some fingers. (and I might catch up with reading about the camera widget)

Concerning the Html/sif player: when I try to playback the whole scene I get a “NaN origin” message and the screen turns a blanc in Firefox. When I only want to try and display the walkcycle then the legs are corrupted and play way to fast.


To test the current state of my banner I rendered it to gif in Synfig, but after uploading it showed some serious glitches esp in the dirt pile and at the end in the hole. I am using the latest windows version of Synfig. Maybe change some render settings?

Da link:


Yes the built in GIF renderer has known issues. Anyone want to fix it?

Coool animation and good fortune for you projects!
i plan to be around brx for rmll :wink: maybe share a drink there … :wink:

I did’nt found (open) entry relating that issue in could be useful to have one.

This one is the more revelant : … issues/100

Do you have and idea more precise of where that come from?
Seems that this glitch are “platform specific” … is’nt it ?


Glitches come from the way the gif images are packed and optimized in the animated gif.

Each gif sequence has different types of rendering based on the previous frames and some times it doesn’t render all the frame but just the moving part. Looks like the built in code to generate those frames doesn’t take account that kind of specific gif encoding and so we end with an animated gif that doesn’t erase properly the changed parts and that has a huge size.

Image Magick and Magick++ libraries does that very well but we don’t do the same.

See this for more information.

So no, it is not platform specific.


Fixed the glitches in the gif banner. I rendered a bunch of png’s with Synfig and used the free Gifapp to turn them into a gif.
No glitches anymore. :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, that would be my preferred solution to gif generation problems in Synfig: output a png sequence and use an external program to make the gif. That way, we don’t spread developer efforts even thinner by trying to duplicate functionality already available in other open source and/or free programs.

Of course, that’s just my two cents.

@darkspace65: Nice work on the banner! :slight_smile:


sifPlayer can’t load the imported sif files. I will try to implement it but I do not have free time lately.
Sorry for the delayed response.

No worries. Meanwhile I made a remake of the banner only using layers and params from which I knew that they were supported by the sifplayer but I keep getting the same error. Attached is the file I currently use. (You still have to decompress it)

Banner03.sifz (85.7 KB)

Thanks! And I agree with your preferred solution :slight_smile:

Well done. That’s very nice! :slight_smile:

darkspace65 the file baner03 needs at least the walk02.sifz
And this is and the problem with sifPlayer too.
I postponed the implementation of using external files cause there is a restriction of the file type that we can request from the servers or the browser or what ever…
The whole subject it’s not clear to me.
But I found a solution by using xml extension to the sif files.
e.g. baner03.xml

So even if I implement it there will be a problem loading the .sif or .sifz files. We will have to rename all the files that our main file is using to .xml .

Python script that will produce a directory with the html and all the needed files.

Sorry for hi-jacking your topic.

The updated animation is great. I really liked the surprise of the main character.

Great work. I really like your character design!