animatable blotchy shadow

Setup for a more or less painterly animatable shadow. Intensity is can be changed with the Radial Gradient Layer. Position and form with the Warp Layer and its painterliness (is that a word? 8) ) with the Noise Distort Layer.

blotchy.sifz (2.9 KB)

look like cobra did’nt like it at all … me yes … oooh wait … this is a fake… the shadow is’nt connected to the shape … petit malin :slight_smile:


blotchy_connected.sifz (2.99 KB)

The shadow group layer is a sub group of the circle group layer. So when you move the circle group layer with the group transformation widget the shadow should follow. There is no 3d interaction though, so when you move the circle group layer upwards or downwards the shadow does not automatically grows larger or smaller, although I think that should be possible by connecting the right values here and there. I think I saw it on a video once on you tube. As you can see in the attached picture the same set up can be used with more complicated shapes then just a plain circle. :smiley:

Edit: Cobra does not like Noise Distortion Layer, Radial Gradient Layer, Warp Layer and feathering does not show in the canvas. Guess all that is not implemented yet.

Yes sure… but from another pov, i want to say, when, on the workarea you click on the circle shape, the circle layer is selected… nor the group … That’s relevant of something missing here in synfig.

Idea :

  • Single click on workerea : select first layer (has usual)
  • [alt]+click over a selected layer : select up in hierarchy
  • [shift][alt]+click over a selected layer : select down in hierarchy

what do you think ?

That is a great idea. :bulb: It would sure save a lot of time when working on characters and you have to browse your way thru dozens of layers.

really good idea. or a single key action:
select a layer,
[tab] to next layer,
[tab] to next layer, and so on, till the latest layer of the group selected and then
[tab] to the first layer in this group

[shift] + [tab] will work conversely

[alt] + [tab] will select the parient group layer, do it again, you will quite the current level of group and jump to the upper lever group, and so on.

if the current selected layer is a group layer, [ctrl] + [ tab] will go into inside of the group layer.


alt and ctrl tab are assigned/reserved to switch windows functionnaly in numerous windows managers. This discution can be followed in the bugtracker. : … issues/941