angle param unit on ms windows

due to the patch

On ms windows xp, synfig studio 0.62.02, the default font doesn’t include the character “U-1D52-MODIFIER-LETTER-SMALL-O”.

what is the solution for this issue, back to “DEG” ?

Seems a character set problem. We should select a character that is present in all character sets for any language. How does it look in linux with the Simplified Chinese enabled?

The solution maybe leave it as translatable so the user can write the character that fits on its native language and is present in the character set.
Unfortunately it is not easy to debug because at the moment, the windows binary is not easy to produce quickly by anyone but pixelgeek.


on linux (fedora, gnome with default font) the angle value is correct.

but as attached screenshot shows, there is an unexpected character “u” at the end of the vector value string in both English and Simplified Chinese versions. this issue is on linux only. will take a look at the source for it tonight.

The “u” stands for the “units” synfig uses for internal calculations. You’ve probably misconfigured you unit system. Go to Toolbox: File>Setup>Misc>Unit System and set that to “Points”

get it, thanks.