an outline width question


After resized the canvas by changing Image Size Width & Height via Edit->Properties->Image, the width of a new outline I draw will be magic, as you can see in attached screenshot, the black outline will have a different SIZE in looking, compare to the “origin” outlines.

can anyone help me here? do we have any document available for Image settings in properties dialog, such as Image Size/Image Area options?
thanks in advanced.

group_icon.sif (122 KB)

There is an intermediate paste canvas that has its own size properties modified respect to its parent canvas. It makes all the inner layers to be adapted to that values.
Unfortunately there is not way to see those value at the moment until you export the paste canvas and open it in its own window.
Opening the file gives:

<param name="canvas"> <canvas width="128" height="128" view-box="-1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 -1.000000"> <layer type="PasteCanvas" active="true" version="0.1">

It is due to a copy paste operation between canvases or files. Behaviour is correct but there is not interface to read the values and predict it. Maybe in the future anyone implements it… :wink: