An example of the SWF created with Synfig and imported into PowToon

Client wanted a cartoon of himself waving that he could import into PowToon and use in his explainer videos that he creates himself. I made 2 versions, one were the arm snaps from side to the wave (the one on the left) and one where there are 5 arms poses to create the arm raising and hand opening for a wave. I used the switch group technique for that, as well for his eyes blinking.

Although the client was VERY happy and ordered serveral more poses/swf animations, I an not satisfied with the final project. I’m still a newbie with Synfig. I feel I should have created more switch layers to show the arm going up into the wave. Hmm.

I’d love some critiques on this swf!


I like Roger already. :smiley: Nice vector drawing of the man. I think you must be the first person on this forum who makes an swf with synfig and puts it on PowToon. Really cool. You did not choose the easy path with this, looking at the perspective, so I think you did a good job. I am not an animator but looking at the frontal perspective this would not have been easy to solve with bones or deformation so you choose wisely when you picked the switch tool. Basically you did pose to pose animation and you could consider these 5 frames that you did as your main keydrawings. To get more swift motion you could like you said add more inbetweens manually, aka more drawings in the switchlayer, or do some serious vertex moving and let Synfig do it, but all in all nice work!

I think that all depend of the style that you are looking for. If pose animation is what you are looking for, it’s good (if the client likes, don’t change it! :laughing: )

In my opinion, the backgrounds don’t fit very well with the scene. It’s cool, but with a high detail character (as Roger) it goes better with a classic and detail background. I think that the background is a bit “infantile”. But, again, if the client likes… it’s perfect! :slight_smile:

PD: I LOVE the dog. It would be a great character for a cartoon.