Alternative transform controls?


Synfig seems like a pretty good and advanced animation software and it also seems to be the most popular among the open source 2D animation programs, however one thing that keeps me from commiting to it are the controls or in this case the transform controls. This system with the handles requires you to be very precise and it doesn’t transform the object in real time so you’d have to make adjustments once you’ve manipulated the object, which greatly slows down the animation process. Most software usually would use a bounding box or something, which imo would be more intuitive.
Is there some kind of plug-in or fork of Synfig that offers alternative transform controls? It would be great for people who are just getting into this software and would speed the work process up.

You have option to type the value you want, you don’t need to click and drag with mouse

Thanks, but I don’t think that would be a quicker or a more intuitive method, especially when posing complex characters. Given the lack of answers, I suppose nobody made such a plug-in/change.

It is related to one of my plans (5th item of my list).
AFAIK, nobody did yet.

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