Ahmed Ali from Egypt

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m Ahmed Ali, I live in Egypt, I’m new to both: Linux, Animation and Synfig Studio :smiley:

I had a little experiment with Anime Studio couple of years ago, and noticed an open source software then called Synfig but I dropped it since I couldn’t get through it, I had a very little experience about image manipulation in general that days.

Now it all changed as I have now a better idea about gimp and inkscape they helped me understanding how things work in the industry, plus youtube made it easier to access tutorials and my learning curve improved a lot

Now I’m running Synfig Studio under my beloved Debian <3, I finally could make my first animation in Synfig yesterday

Thank you all guys, VIVA OPEN SOURCE! :mrgreen:

Hi Ahmed and welcome to Synfig and to the forum … (nice spaceship you did… )

Nice tests, Ahmed. :slight_smile:

Hi Ahmed,
I just joined the forum, that’s why my answer is so late. Just wanted to say, I liked the clean animation of the cyclist. Keep it up.