After Effects style motion graphics - animating layered files


I’ve been dipping in and out of Processing for a while now, but wanted to ask if there was anything interesting I could look at for developing straighter design or logo animation for example. I come from a background in motion graphics and using after effects, but I’d love to look at Motion Graphic Examples that move and are perhaps interactive in processing instead. I don’t personally own AE and I’d much rather try to build things in a program that has more scope and potential expansion of my animated ideas.

Can someone point me in a direction for controlling vector layers or perhaps the pShape functions for translating or altering svg layers? I’m used to simply altering layer transparencies and positions and scaling, but I’d like to play around with how they can be played back in a linear way. I suppose like Flash or a similar program with a timeline.

On a sidenote, I use ableton live extensively for my music, perhaps there’s a way to control and animate image layers via midi or OSC. Has anyone found a neat way to explore animated graphics in this way or advise looking at a specific topic?

Thank you.[/u]