Adding new waypoints

When I am animating I would like to trace two key frames and play with the inbetween that Synfig creates. I want to move the image in the middle of the two key frames I traced either a little bit to the left or right on the time line because I think this would make the movement less smooth and robotic. What would be the best way to add a waypoint where there isn’t one on the time line?

There is not “add waypoint” action when the value is constant (no waypoints in the timeline for that parameter).

If you have a parameter without waypoints and want to add one between two keyframes, obviously the value of that waypoint should be different that the value of the parameter on the previous and next keyframes so just change to animation mode and tweak the parameter to the desired value. Depending on the lock keyframe status you’ll obtain waypoints at the previous and/or next keyframes. If you just want to add a waypoint to the parameter without change the current value (which is the same at the previous and next keyframes), why add a waypoint? it isn’t needed!.

On the other hand, if you already have some waypoints on the timeline for the parameter you can right click on it and select “Add waypoint” contextual menu.


Thanks for the help. But I still can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. When I move an origin at point A and B, two way points appear. All the values that are created in the middle to tween that animation do not have way points. I would like to create a way point for the middle value between A and B so that I can move it. Does this make sense?

Yes, it makes sense and it is easy to achieve.
But first let’s review the concepts:
Waypoint means: have this value at this time. The value is represented at the canvas when possible by ducks (colored little circles that can be grabbed with the mouse to change its position). In any case, the value is editable in the parameters panel numerically. Each waypoint instance is represented on the timeline by waypoint icons. Those waypoints has a contextual menu (mouse right button click) that allow make some operations with them. Usually if you want to change the time of a waypoint you click and drag it forward or backward in the timeline. Also there is a contextual menu “Edit Waypoint” to edit all the value and time and other parameters at the same time using a window dialogue.
One parameter can have none (Constant), one (Animated but steady) or more waypoints (Animated) on the timeline. If you already have a waypoint at time A and other at time B, Synfig interpolates the values between A and B based on the values at A and B and the other parameter of the waypoints at A and at B (In and Out type of interpolations) but that’s not important now.
If the interpolation between A and B doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can create a new waypoint between A and B doing (always in animation mode):

  1. Editing the parameter value at the parameters panel with the time cursor at a certain time between A and B, giving a different value than the interpolated by Synfig.
  2. Tweaking with the mouse the duck that represent the parameter you want to modify and doing this with the time cursor at a certain time between A and B.
  3. With the time cursor at a certain time between A and B, right click the parameter at the parameter panel (or right click the duck) and select “Add waypoint” this will add a waypoint at the time cursor with the current interpolated value.

Hope it helps.

hi jsfarney, I think I know what you’re talking about, and I’ve often wished for the same feature…
My solution is to highlight all the ducks you want waypoints for, and then press the arrow key up once, and down once (or left then right if you prefer). Then you’ll have waypoints for the shape you want and you can move it around
If you want waypoints for one of the other parameters, you can do the right click in the parameters window (as genete suggested above)