Activots Episode 2

Hi. Right now, I am working on the second episode of activots. This frame is the very first frame of the animation of the exterior of Some Factory. Later on, its gonna move into the interior.

I plan on updateing this shot =(. I’m not likeing the lack of detail.
After getting most of the planning done, (still working on animatics), I’m guessing this will be about between 7-9 minutes long.

Until then…well I’m gonna have some fun drawing things :confused:

My suggestion is to add a simple city profile in the background and a further far away mountains profile if needed. The foreground is fine for my taste. Too much decoration could distract from what you want to show to the viewers.

Other than that, I’m eager to see the next shot :slight_smile:


What a good idea. Thanks for that =). When I do the next shot, I will post it here as as well.

I give up. Even after trying to start over from scratch again, Synfig is still preventing me from finishing this project. I’m just gonna have to settle for doing simpler and shorter things to do…

All that work for nothing…

I’m sorry about that. Try to make smaller shots in different files each time.

Looks like I lied. I’m still working on it, and it was the anger talking.

Here is a preview of what I have so far.

Nice punch! Inertia effect is well achieved!

One more shot to go =)

…oh no! I just remembered that I didn’t do the title or the credits at this very moment!