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Hey, I guess this is kinda an old post but I am really confused by some of this stuff and I think it might be nice if some one could answer some questions for me.

First of all I’m 14 and have had some experience with Blender when I was like 10 and learnt most of the basic keyboard shortcuts and how keyframes work. then when I turned 13 I decided I wanted to animate for YouTube and got myself Krita. I did a few animations in krita, but got disappointed when I found out you cant just move something in two frames and have the program interpolate (I think that’s the right word😅) making animations blocky most of the animations super hard cause I had to guess how much the object moves each frame. But now it seems Synfig lacks being able to animate frame by frame, and I know you can set the interpolation to ‘Constant’ but its still kind of hard to draw something without making a huge amount of layers which is okay if it automatically put them into groups. If you wanna get an idea for the type of animation style I’m going for here’s two youtube channels:
Berd: https://www.youtube.com/user/CommentisAnonymous
Pelo: https://www.youtube.com/user/123pendejos